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Sweater Design School

A Step-by-Step Framework for Designing Your First Women's Pullover Pattern

Before I took the course, I was hesitant that I wouldn’t be able to actualise my designs. I am now waiting for my first pullover pattern to be tech edited and go for test knitting! I can’t believe I have managed this and it is all thanks to Sweater Design School!

- Emily

I have done a couple of grading courses in the past, both of which raised more questions than they answered. The grading section of Sweater Design School is, quite frankly, second to none! I now have the confidence to design and publish a garment pattern.

- Linda

Wow, I learned so much! From calculating stitches/rows and grading to understanding stitch placement. I would have started at the end and never figured out how to get the range of sizes. The whole process makes so much sense now that I've done it.

- Adri

By the end of this course, you will have...

  1. Carefully planned your first pullover design, problem-solving important elements of your design before you even begin to outline your pattern!
  2. Graded your pullover design into nine inclusive sizes (even if you are totally intimidated by maths and have no idea what you’re doing!)
  3. Outlined your pattern in a spreadsheet with absolutely no calculators and NO hand-written scribbles necessary!
  4. Written the first draft of your pattern, using a detailed pattern template that will save you time every time you write a new pattern.
  5. Thoroughly tested your pullover pattern using sample knitting, tech editing and a well-organised test knit - without wanting to pull your hair out…!
  6. Presented your final pattern in a professional, easy-to-follow PDF that can be self-published right away.

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